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Electronic voting systems assessment

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Spanish Order ICT / 140/2019, of 14 February, which regulates the conditions for the exercise of electronic voting in the electoral process for the renewal of the plenary sessions of the Official Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation provides guidance for the deployment of electronic voting systems that must be auditable and audited.

In its article 9 (Audit of the electronic voting system) It indicates:

1. The electronic voting system shall have an audit and verification regime totally independent that allows to examine the processes used to gather and  count the votes and recount them, in order to confirm the accuracy  From the results.

2. The external audit system should, at a minimum, allow:

  • That the independent observers can supervise the elections without disclosing the possible result or final count.
  • Detect electoral fraud.
  • Give assurance that all votes counted are authentic and maintain the anonymity of the voter at all times.

3. This audit must assist both the testing phase of the system as a whole to the voting phase, counting and dissemination.

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