An electronic signature is a set of data in electronic form, which associates a signer with a document in a recorded transaction. This kind of signatures use the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) standard in order to offer high levels of security.
TCAB assesses the following fields:

  • Registration services, in which the TSP verifies the identity and if applicable, any specific attributes of a subject.
  • Certificate generation service, which creates and signs certificates based on the identity and other attributes verified by the registration service.
  • Dissemination services, which delivers the certificates to subjects, and if the subject consents, makes them available to relying parties.
  • Revocation management services, processing requests and reports relating to revocation to determine the necessary action to be taken.
  • Revocation status services, which provides certificate revocation status information to relying parties.
  • Subject device provision service (optional), area which prepares, and provides or makes available secure cryptographic devices, or other secure devices, to subjects.
  • When the certificates are “managed on behalf” of the subscriber, TCAB assesses the certificates management using complementary standards (ETSI TS 119 431 and ETSI TS 119 432).

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