An electronic signature is a set of data in electronic form, which associates a signer with a document in a recorded transaction. This kind of signatures use the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) standard in order to offer high levels of security.
TCAB assesses the following fields:

  • Certificates (issuing and validation)
  • Document Preservation: The EIDAS Regulation establishes rules for the preservation of electronic signatures, electronic stamps or certificates linked to trusted services. Conservation is different from the electronic file (which is not an electronic service under EIDAS).
  • Server-based signature: The TW4S is a system by which the Server Signing Application (SSA) runs on a networked server supporting one or more signatories to remotely sign electronic documents using centralized signature keys held on the signing server under sole control of the signatory. The goal of the system is to generate advanced electronic signatures. The system can also be applied to electronic signatures that employ a Secure Signature Creation Device.

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