As stated in a recent study, blockchain and related investments in Spain will reach in 2020 a volume near 103,5 million dollars, and that trend will be maintained through 2023, growing at a rate of 53% until it will amount to 378 million dollars.

The financial sector will be the leader investing on blockchain projects, while the industrial sector will be where the major players, playing a major role applying the technology.

According to the study, nowadays in Spain one every ten companies uses blockchain in some of their projects or products, and the best regarded features of the technology are the security in the transactions (when correctly used and maintain) and the possibility to use it in strong digital identiy verification.

Finally, 41% of the companies not using blockchain technology in any project nor product states that they do not know how blockchain technology can make any difference in their activity. Another 32% states that, even knowing the technology, implementing it would clash with their current operations.

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